Friday, June 28, 2013

Story #6

From the Consumer Affairs website:
Darlene of Worcester, MA on Oct. 8, 2007

I bought Emeril pans about 3 yrs ago. My husband and I figured we would splurge and buy a GOOD set of pans that would last a life time, but the bottom fell off the 6 qt. pan. Thank the good Lord that no one was carrying it when this happened. I have a pot rack in my kitchen. All of a sudden I heard a loud crash. I looked and there was the bottom of the pan from the copper down, lying of the floor. My mind went racing, thinking what could have happened if someone was carrying it to the sink. The burn to the legs and floor, not to mention the shock and then dropping the pan and it's contents. Emeril needs to do something about HIS product. His name is on there and he should be making sure this doesn't happen again. In the mean time. I want a reimbursement for this pan... it wasn't cheap as far as the cost anyway. And now I am afraid to use the rest of the pans in fear that this may happen to all of them and I won't be so fortunate this time.

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