Monday, June 10, 2013

Similar story #2

this happened to me two days ago. with a cuisinart stainless steel pot.. it burned a large hole into my sneaker, and sent liquid aluminum across my kitchen floor. I have holes burned into the linoleum across a large area. Usually my 19 month old is directly underfoot. Usually I am barfoot in the house.
I contacted the company the next morning. Called them back with the model # of the pot. The customer service rep said she had never heard of this happening. But would not discuss the claim with me, stating that it was too serious in nature and is turning it over to corporate. I am looking for a product liability lawyer. They have indicated that they would take care of damages. I am outraged that this is something that can happen, has happened, and yet there are no warnings.
The pot was on the burner no more than 5 minutes. the bottom didn’t even burn out and get blackened. It is a bright cobalt blue! I have never…. I have quite of bit of money invested in this cookware. I have a few caphalon pieces, so i opted to use as much of that as possible this evening, but had to use some of the cuisinart. talk about anxiety. I purchased a gate to keep the baby out of the kitchen while cooking. Paranoid as I was next to the stove..

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Companies are responsible to make consumers aware of such occurances, no matter how infrequent they may be. Any other day, my baby would be in ICU with catastrophic burns, and in my panic, I would not have had as much control of that pot and would have sustained substantial injuries..

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