Saturday, June 8, 2013

Similar story #1

From the comments for the article quoted in my original post -

Lisa of Woodbridge, VA April 21, 2009
Emerilware with All-Clad Metalcrafters. Had two separate stock pots explode from the bottom spewing molten aluminum. The first must have occurred when in use by a family member. I didn't find it until I went looking after the second. The second occurred just shortly after I put a pot with water onto boil. I was standing right next to it when it occurred, first a popping, smoke, and molten aluminum on my range and my clothes. Fortunately, I was not burned. However, my family or my pets could have been potentionally harmed had anyone been standing next to me. The burner on the electric range. The bottom of the pot reflected an explosion. The burner reflected an implosion.
All-Clad denied any defect in the product line and blamed it on my range burner…what about the folks who have gas or smoothtop? This product poses an extreme danger to anyone using it. Time is not on your side, folks. STOP USING IT. I loathe having to destroy a gorgeous set of cookware I had owned for just a few months, but I won't take the risk and even donate it. I plan to destroy them. By the way, All-Clad kept the damaged cookware…never returned it, but I have pictures! I urge everyone who has had these problems to contact the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and lodge a Consumer Product Incident Report. This cookware MUST be removed from the market. Out the cost of the cookware, some 250 and destroyed the burner and the plug-in unit, which will run close to 100 to repair on my own, more if I contract out the repair.

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