Thursday, November 14, 2013

Emerilware sucks #13

From the Consumer Affairs website: 

Benjamin of Madison, WI on Oct. 23, 2008

I enjoyed watching Emeril and used to look forward to his shows at the end of my workday. I purchased a full set of Emeril cookware from Bed Bath and Beyond. Recently one morning I selected the 3 qt. pot to make old fashioned oatmeal. I stood in front of the stove (I was barefoot and wearing shorts), placed the pan on the burner, turned half a step to the sink (90 degrees from the stove) drew a cup of water, turned again placed it in the pot, and turned on the heat. I then again turned a half a step away began making a cup of coffee.
It did not seem like more than a minute when I was shocked and startled by the bottom of the pot exploding, sending molten aluminum on my stove, on the floor, and on me. The molten metal splattered on my legs and feet causing blisters where the metal contacted my skin, and burn where it contacted my shorts. It ran off me, off the stove and onto the floor where it pooled in places and was so hot it started the vinyl to burn (setting off the fire alarm). I was NOT prepared for this and was shocked and surprised and stood still for a moment in pain and disbelief. I stood there and could not do anything (for example, pick up the molten aluminum).
After a moment I gained my composure I filled another pot with water and threw it on my legs and on the molten pools of aluminum on the floor, thus preventing further burns to my legs and a larger fire. My burns are beginning to heal. I have not yet replaced my kitchen floor. I have not been brave enough to try use the pots and pans again.

Burns on my body. Fire in my kitchen. Ruined kitchen floor. Pans useless. This pan set dangerous.

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