Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Emerilware sucks #12

From the Consumer Affairs website: 

Lisa of Woodbridge, VA on Oct. 20, 2008

I put on the small stock pot with cool water in preparation to cook pasta and turned on the burner. Within seconds, the bottom of the pot exploded, me standing in front of it. It ruined the heating element and the burner and spewed toxic material on my range and in the air. I am thankful that my daughter and my pet were not in the room. My daughter, a teenager, cooks herself. I shutter to think if it had been she who was cooking and not me.
As an aside, the cookware's performance was abysmal. Just as the reviewers indicated, sticking was an issue. I have used both expensive and inexpensive cookware, this set being somewhere in the middle, so I am both knowledgeable and skilled on their uses and limitations. I am going back to Macy's to see whether they will accept the return, as it appears that the Emeril/All-Clad group will not stand behind its products. If not, I am sure not to patronize either again.

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