Sunday, December 1, 2013

Emerilware sucks #14

From the Consumer Affairs website: 

Thomas of Portland, OR on Dec. 6, 2008

The cookware was being heated on high for no more than 5 min when I noticed that there were silver droplets forming on the underside of the pan. It was melting! I went to remove it from the stove and the bottom fell off causing the metal (I'm thinking Tin or some alloy because there are flecks) to splatter all over the stove and down the front of the over. A few drips landed on the hand towels that were hanging neatly on the handle of the over door immediately setting them on fire.
Steel has a melting point between 1700 and 2500 degree (dependent on the flavor and quality).
The bottom is copper with a higher melting point that steel.
There is no reason to bind these two together with a metal that has a melting point under 600!
This is a flaw in the product!
Damage to the stove, floor and burned on my foot.
Though I would like to be remembered for the cost of the stove it is more important to have this product recalled before it causes anymore damage or harms anyone further! The house could have easily burned down. It's not like anyone what expect their pan to melt. It's not like I put a ted bear on the stove and walked away.

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