Saturday, August 3, 2013

Story #8

From the Consumer Affairs website:

Peggy of Newark, CA on March 16, 2008

My 83 year old mother received a Emeril Lagasse 10 piece stainless set of cookware last year as a gift from a family member purchased at Macy's Department store in Freemont, CA. Recently, she had a nearly disasterous experience involving one of the Emeril pots and its aluminum filled base. She was boiling water on the stove and attempting to move the pot from the stove to the sink when the pot bottom seemed to explode with molten liquid aluminum spewing over the stove, counter top, kitchen floor, and sink. She was very lucky that none of the liquified aluminum landed on her body. She was extremely terrified by this event and wants nothing further to do with this type of cookware.
I went to visit my mother and together, we took the Emeril 10 piece set back to Macy's Store to explain our plight. They were very understanding and after concluding that my mom didn't want an exchange or any aluminum filled base cookware, refunded the cost of the cookware set to her. My concern here is regarding the safety risks of using this type of cookware as it pertains to my elderly mother and all consumers, for that matter. Is this an isolated incident involving one bad pot or is a more frequent problem that we should all be made aware of?
Personal trauma of event and the costs of repair to stove, counter, floor, and sink.

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