Saturday, August 17, 2013

Emerilware sucks #10

From the Consumer Affairs website:

Jessica of Aliso Viejo, CA on June 18, 2008

One of my Emeril cookware pots EXPLODED when I was just boiling water. Moulton Aluminum came out of the pot onto my glass stove top. It left huge holes in my stove top- breaking the glass. My stove top is now ruined, and I was exposed to liquid aluminum-VERY toxic! Thank goodness none of it got on my skin. I can't tell enough people JUST HOW UPSET I AM over this situation- my health has been compromised. I am HIGHLY disappointed in this pan set- and urge anyone with the set to return it immediately! You can't put a price on your health!!!
My stove-top is going to cost a couple hundred dollars to fix- and my pots are ruined. I still have the receipt and will return at Macy's today!  

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